Erotic Body Rub General Info

    Contrary to popular belief, erotic body rubs have been practiced for thousands of years, with the East being the primary center of practice. Sexual arousal is the intended result of an erotic body rub, which is performed specifically to stimulate the erogenous zones.

How do you provide an erotic body rub?

    Erotic body rubs are usually conducted by one couple on another, however, specialists are available if desired. While they are still stigmatized in many nations, the advantages they provide are tremendous. The sessions' primary objective is not to provide sexual satisfaction, though it is a nice bonus. When engaging in a sexual act, both partners have certain expectations that must be satisfied for the act to be successful; this is not the case during an erotic body rub. The goal of the Chicago body rub sessions is for the recipient to learn to fully surrender to the experience, take pleasure in the feelings, and get as much benefit as possible from the touch. Especially for males, this may be challenging since discussing something so personal can make them feel exposed and anxious. However, with practice and the use of some basic deep breathing methods, this condition can be overcome. When the provider and receiver are in sync, the recipient may "open up" his or her senses to fully appreciate the tender touch.

    Erotic body rubs, in contrast to sports and Swedish body rubs, include gentle strokes and touches and do not exclude any body parts. Contrary to common belief, erotic body rub focuses primarily on problem areas that are often overlooked in standard body rubs. Body rub of the ears, behind the knees, and other erogenous zones that might lead to sexual excitement are entirely acceptable, even if they are unquestionably the genital regions.

    Many sexual treatments use erotic body rub methods since conventional medicine has come to acknowledge their value. The primary objective is to enhance one's sex life by increasing desire, teaching men to manage ejaculation, and helping them overcome premature ejaculation. The therapist might also instruct couples on how to make sensual body rubs a regular component of their sex lives and/or foreplay.

    While the body rub therapist is responsible for learning the specific strokes, practices, and methods of this art form, the body rub recipient is also responsible for developing a positive outlook on the experience. It is well known that a masseuse doing a standard body rub would take extraordinary measures to prevent any hint of sexual excitement from reaching her client, yet in the erotic kind, such arousal is expected and even encouraged. In this way, the recipient may relax into his or her sensations, savor the gentle touch, and respond to the signals from his or her body without any shame or regret, which is a huge plus!